Various【Patriotism】Activities for SuperPlayer Members Will Be Launched Vigorously in 2019


The year 2019 marks the 70th year of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, which will be celebrated by people all over the country. As a good model of indoor entertainment, SuperPlayer has initiated thePatriotismactivity for its more than  15,000,000 members in particular from September 2019 to reward its consumers comprehensively and celebrate the birthday for the motherland. Many functional departments of headquarters have cooperated with each other to achieve the best activity impact during the activity. In accordance with Tang Sulin, the general manager of the market department, more than 300 stores of SuperPlayer all over the country have been involved to unleash more resources by taking the patriotism as the theme for the purpose of finishing a deep emotional resonance with consumers of SuperPlayer.Yi Wei, as the product manager of SuperPlayer and team leader of R&D, said that the special activities for members showed the user’s management of SuperPlayer significantly, and thePatriotismactivity is an early stage before the launch of Little Program, which will be helpful to arouse members’ desire to take actions. The members’ data acquired from this activity will lay a solid foundation for the launch of Little Program.

ThePatriotismactivity will be started all over the country. Users of SuperPlayer are expected to pay more attention to the relevant notices as well as information of its stores and enjoy the annual rewards for members under the patriotism.