Guiding New Amusement and Exploring New Values: Super Player Appeared in Guangzhou GTI Electronic Game International Industry Exhibition


On September 10, 2019, Super Player attended “Guangzhou GTI Electronic Game International Industrial Exhibition” which was held in Guangzhou International Conference and Exhibition Center.

The exhibition was filled with animation, electronic games, amusement facilities, children recreation, VR, AI and other fields and projects. As the leader of interior amusement of China, Super Player received plenty of concerns with the concept of “Health, Sunshine, Sports and Leisure”, becoming a remarkable brand.

The Fine Operation Shown by the Enterprise Presented the Brand Value

The booth of Super Player presented the brand course, brands owned, brand key items and enterprise concept in detail at the exhibition site, making the visitors deeply learn the brand diversification, digitalization, technology and innovation of Super Player.

In recent years, Super Player has been focusing on the upgrade and exploration of brands, performed well in products, services and marketing, made more persons learn and join in interior amusement form, improved the influence of the whole sector, expanded the consumption population of the whole sector and become the typical brand leading the sector.


Coser and Interactive Games Attracted Passers in the Hot Scene

Super Player paid more attention to the forging of site atmosphere and attracted visitors and medias through coser, tour and display game interaction

Atmosphere building has always been one of the magic weapons of offline operation. As the product homogeneity is severe, product innovation investment is high and the innovation term is long, the scene atmosphere has become one of important means of creating brand difference. With this starting point, Super Player has forged atmosphere eco-chains with a series of store moderators as the center and composed of tools, activity design, marking and growth management, providing strong guarantee for brand difference and store revenues.




Continuously Enriching Interior Amusement Form by Upgrading and Innovation

When building scene atmosphere, Super Player is also constantly strengthening the core competitiveness of the product end. When optimizing current products as well as services, it is also developing and integrating new forms and surrounding products and building deep cooperation with well-known upstream manufacturers. It has introduced trampolines, climbing walls, wireless VR and other products, covered more targeted people, and realized win-win results through superposition of brand advantages and combination of powerful resources.

In terms of atmosphere building, it has forged the online scenes to online celebrity check-in points through theme space and characteristic marketing activities, exploited the deep value of offline amusement scene and turned it to the amusement space for interaction with users.

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With the full development of interior amusement sector, it has gradually been important part of people’s entertainment life. In such a trend, the constant innovation and upgrade of Super Player will open a new space for brand development, and transfer the life concept of health and sunshine to more people while expanding the brand influence.