Super Player Celebrated the 70th Anniversary of PRC Foundation and the Joint Chorus and Dancing Transferred the Concept of Sunshine Amusement


On September 9, 2019, Shanxi Taiyuan Wanda Plaza held the large activity subjected as “Super Player 2019 [Dating at 10:00] Commonweal Tour Nationwide-Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of PRC Foundation and Eulogizing Our Motherland with Sunshine Sports”. This activity was organized by Taiyuan City Xinghualing District Culture and Tourism Bureau, Taiyuan City Xinghualing District Publicity Department, Taiyuan City Xinghualing District Cultural Union, Taiyuan City Xinghualing District Health and Sports Bureau and Beijing Super Player Entertainment Co., Ltd., and the leaders of Publicity Department of Shanxi Provincial CPC Committee, Taiyuan Culture and Tourism Bureau, Xinghualing District Publicity Department, Xinghualing District Health and Sports Bureau and Wanda Plaza were invited.

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Chorus to Celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the PRC Foundation

This activity is the Taiyuan Station Activity of Commonweal Tour Nationwide of [Dating at 10:00] initiated by Super Player and also the third activity of [Dating at 10:00] in Taiyuan. Compared with the former two activities, this activity encountered the 70th Anniversary of the PRC Foundation. Super Player hoped to present the new style and image of interior amusement sector by this method of health and sunshine.

The activity was officially opened with the chorus of I Love My Motherland. The 1,100 elderlies expressed their affection to our motherland with their enthusiastic songs, showed their great confidences and ignited the passion of site viewers.

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After chorus, the elderlies showed magnificent dances. They forged a feast of health and culture with their rhythms, songs, dances and rich activity forms.

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The Coming National Fitness Tide and Sports Commonweal Helped China Healthier 

With the continuous development of China's economic level, the cultural entertainment and sports have become the choice of more and more people in recent years. The demands of people are being more diversified, large-sized and characteristic. Through the cultural entertainment and sports, people cannot only get health and joys, but also satisfy certain social demand and present their personality and talent. All cultural entertainment and sports items have gradually entered people’s lives.

In recent years, Super Player has been transforming the traditional electronic games to sports and entertainment interaction fast. It has not only added the popular items such as archery, bowling and billiard game and held the exterior health activities such as racing and dancing, but also added the younger-preferred products such as trampolines and climbing walls.

This activity closely followed the theme of Sunshine Entertainment, deeply implemented the concept of national fitness, and set off a national fitness tide.

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The activity-Super Player [Dating at 10:00] has been held in more than 100 cities, becoming a national large commonweal brand with big scale and influence in exterior amusement sector. Super Player is committed to attracting more persons to the project of health, entertainment and sunshine.

In future, Super Player will continue to give play of its advantages in business forms and resources, constantly ameliorate and expand the cultural entertainment lives of middle-aged and high-aged persons and push forward the development and progress of the spiritual civilization commonweal of China.