Upgrade of the Brand Image of Super Player, Triggering the Iteration of Joys


   As the transformation and upgrade has been the important subject of the whole cultural entertainment sector, the interior amusement sector, the main force of cultural entertainment and consumption, is also positively exploring and aggressively innovating. On April 3, the Release Conference for Upgrade of the Brand “New Consumption and New Amusement” of Super Player was held in Guangzhou Shangri-La Grand Hotel where President Wei Jun unveiled the new brand image of Super Player at site and delivered the strategic speech subjected as “New Consumption and New Amusement”, bringing the sector a milestone and feast of thoughts.



(Site of Release Conference of Super Player)

On this conference, Liu Jinhua-the Executive President of China Culture & Entertainment Industry Association, Chen Ajian-the General Manager of IGS (International Games System Co., Ltd.), Wang Rui-the Chief President Assistant and Merchants Center G.M. of Wanda Commercial Management Group, Su Benli-the Preident of Guangzhou WAHLAP Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Lv Xuefeng-the General Manager of Guangdong Shiyu Science and Technology Co., Ltd., and Zhang Xudong-the VP of Life Service Business of Koubei Ali, shared the development and future trend of experience, values and innovation of interior amusement sector at site and interpreted the social value as well as positive role of Super Player in offline amusement scene. Tencent Video, Fenghuang Video, Youku Video, China Game E&I, Amusechina and other medias reported this conference at site.


(The Sector Elites Attended the Conference and Delivered Speeches)

Definition of New Amusement and Analysis on New Consumption Strategy

What is the new amusement? Mr. Wei Jun said it is a new model of amusement experience upgrading/reconstructing the whole process of user entertainment, furthering reshaping industrial structure as well as eco-circle and deeply integrating scene services with the full channel by taking the user experience as the core and through big data, AI and other technical means.


(Remark by Mr. Wei Jun at the Opening Ceremony)

In addition, Mr. Wei Jun deeply analyzed the new customer population, new products, new services, new marketing and other new consumption strategies of Super Player and explained the new business philosophy oriented by new brand value.


(Interview for Mr. Wei Jun)

New Image Was Started Jointly and Stores Conducted Simultaneous Offline Live Cast

The key link of this conference i.e. the launch of the new brand image was characteristic. The President of Super Player Mr. Wei Jun and all attendants started the launch ceremony by scanning codes and witnessed the appearance of the new brand image and advertising video of Super Player. Moreover, all stores of Super Player nationwide conducted live cast of the site conference simultaneously.


(The President Invited All Attendants to Start the New Logo)

Super Player invited a top originality team to conduct a lot of research and demonstration, fabricate the new LOGO and advertising video around the brand concepts of sunshine, vitality, fashion and warmth and forge the image of interior amusement satisfying the consumers’ demand for pleasure and humanity.


(Toast for the Launch of Slogan)

Joys Were Iterated and Considerate Services Attracted People

In this conference, Super Player granted trophies to the five “Chief Experience Officers of the Brand” who were selected from thousands of members nationwide and conferred them special rights and interests in Super Player.


 (The Five Chief Experience Officers Were Prized)

Super Player is the representative of interior amusement. By the end of 2017, its physical stores have covered more than 100 cities nationwide with the number of more than 260 and have served millions of people. It has always been committed to providing the brand members the ultimate joyful experience.