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Super Player Business School

Cultivation of comprehensive capacity for store and corporate management cadres

It is responsible for the overall planning of corporate training and the execution by integrating the functions of the Training Center of Super Player HR Administrative Department, the former Southern College and Northern College. The specific work is to build and perfect corporate training system, cultivate main management cadres for regions and stores, promote training, inherit and promote corporate culture and value concepts, build and manage internal lecturer teams, and organize public class training projects, etc. It has provided management talents with stable quality to Super Player, and created a high-qualified talent group that can develop sustainably, while mastering the present and fashion information of the era.



Host Training Base

Talent Cultivation

The Planning Department Training Center was established in May 2012. Over the past six years, the Center, relying on the core advantage of SuperFun Land
training and management of hosts, provided over 100 host training sessions benefiting nearly 2,000 hosts.
With the company's development strategy of viewing site as stage, machine as center, host as soul in mind, the Center, under the strong aegis and leadership of the company's general manger office and planning department, has created a complete host management mechanism in the state, such as online examination system, online learning system, offline training system, offline evaluation mechanism. In addition, it also provides strong support in marketing for all the stores affiliated with it, and it is pivotal to their marketing activities and implementation.


Technical Training Base

Information and Technical Training

Super Player Technology Center, affiliated with the Technology Department, is an important functional department responsible for equipment management.
The training base provides services for the stores, such as video game machine maintenance and technical personnel training. With the company's development and common growth, more than 60 technical talents have been cultivated, and they mange the technology department of stores in different areas, responsible for machine operation and maintenance. In addition, our technical training base provide many other services, such as machine renovation, spare parts maintenance, machine accessories improvement and technical training.