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China Electronic Game Super League


China Electronic Game Super League (CGL) is the only state-level video game competition registered by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (No.5046), sponsored by the China Cultural Industry Association(CCIA), hosted by Electronic Game Competition Branch of CCIA and co-organized by many enterprises in the upstream and downstream industries, such as Super Player, The Revival, Fun Do Land, Zhongshan Universal Space Animation Technology Co., Ltd, Guangzhou Wahlap Technology Co., Ltd, Guangzhou Sheng Hua Animation Technology Co., Ltd, Guangzhou Aimyunion Network Technology Co., Ltd, Guangzhou Xiong Xiang Animation Technology Co., Ltd. It is an important part of National Health and Recreation Competition, a crucial campaign to upgrade our cultural entertainment industry, a platform for the integration and development of the whole industrial chain with the participation of domestic representative entertainment equipment manufacturers, game and entertainment businesses, commercial real estate, news media, and is the key program for transformation of China's entertainment industry and promoting Sunshine Entertainment Initiative. It has been held for three years since 2016.



Build China's First E-Sports Entertainment Brand
On March 8, 2019, the 4th CGL was launched in Wuhan, Hubei Province. CGL will build first offline video game competition center in China this year through cooperation with upstream equipment makers and offline chain brands. In addition, it will make the offline competition back to the e-sports arena by mobilizing video game maching manufacturers, chain brands and offline players. After three years’ efforts, CGL will be usher in a new era with the concept of video game competition, and plays a leading role to drive the offline game industry toward the e-sports mainstream.



In 2019, E-sports Center, established by CGL, is designed specially for cultivating professional players and also serves as the "habitat" or "social place" for players who devote themselves to e-sports. It can keep cultivating professional players for the game and entertainment industry and terminals. It can also intrigue the players so as to train more professional players. Before the concept of E-sports Center was proposed, machine makers and terminals operate relying on single business model, but this concept create more opportunities to drive the e-sports industry development. Its goal is to build an invisible hub via this E-sports Center for players, equipment producers, terminals and e-sports competition for mutual benefit and development.



Influence of CGL——

Since the launch of the CGL in 2016, it has been held for three years. It is gradually expanding to more provinces and cities by a surge in participation by people. The total number of CGL competitors in 2018 was 3,197,022, 1 million more than 2,090,000 in 2017, and it attracted 36 chain brands and 1,021 stores in the industry, covering 31 provinces and 264 cities, producing a wave of CGL competition sweeping across the country.

In 2019, 31 provinces and municipalities are involved, covering 300 cities and 1,200 venues. 2,500 offline events are going to be held, with an estimated 3 million entries, reaching 500 million people.
The 2019 CGL will start nationwide on 7 May and the national finals will be held in December for eight months. The event includes four stages.

SuperFun Online Celebrity

Incubator for Online Celebrity

The SuperFun Online Celebrity, a host marketing mode designed by the Super Player, is the representative in the super player host team.
Multiple online celebrities will stand out through the competition events by Super Player from all stores in one hundred cities. It is viewed as the symbol of e-sports industry with characteristics and the pioneer of interactive entertainment and O2O marketing model.


Predecessor of Super Player Host

In 2005, Super Player opened the first store in Wanda Plaza, Jianghan Road, Wuhan. In order to provide better service to players and on-site game guidance, first batch of "Video Game Baby" was recruited, which is the predecessor of super player host.


Development of the Super Player Host
After 2006, with the increase in visitors to the store, the 1VS1 service mode of Video Game Baby was gradually phased out. So interactive marketing model was developed, and hosts are responsible for all the business planning, implementation and hosting. In 2011, as stores kept growing, a team of 5 to 10 Super Player hosts was built. They not only assist stores in commercial performances and wedding ceremony, but also inject impetus into them.


Between 2015 to 2016, the Super Play made its way to one hundred stores. In addition to the on-site hosts, we have established a online host teamSuperFun Online Celebrityin which hosts are good-looking, high-quality. They participate in the major broadcast platforms, CGL e-sports competition, wedding anniversary party, commercial performance, becoming the focus of the industry.


At present, SuperFun Online Celebrity is synonymous with cyberstar. One live broadcast can attract tens of thousands of people online watching, making it the important way of Super Player self-media transmission.


Meet At Ten

Extremely Influential Social Welfare Activity Brand in Offline Entertainment Industry
Launched in March 2017 by Super Player, Meet At Ten, a social welfare activity, has emerged as a large-scale, influential social welfare brand nationwide in the video game industry, by rolling out high-quality entertainment programs for free, organizing interesting offline activities and remaining committed to the healthy entertainment.

More than 3,000 entertainment machines have been provided by Super Player for the elderly and underprivileged children across the country for free, with a total of over 30,000 recreational hours. It has created a miracle in many aspects of activities, such as scope, scale and frequency. At present, it has cooperated with many social welfare agencies including child welfare institutions across the state.