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Super Player】Brand Introduction

As the model of new indoor recreation in China, Super Player adheres to “healthy, fashionable, sporty and positive” brand concept, and is engaged in providing extreme experience of joy to positive and optimistic consumers who love life by the refined operation and innovation of offline entertainment scenes.


Super Player has creatively integrated indoor carnivals, baseball, archery, bowling and other sports and leisure projects as well as cool film bars and VR experience halls equipped with leading scientific and technical elements based on innovating traditional electronic game projects, so with the new operating format and service concept, Super Player fast expands towards the nation while being favored and praised by consumers. 

Super Player has above 400 stores, covering core cities in China, and the monthly passenger flow per store can reach to about ten thousand people.




The model of new recreation  

It has optimized services and improved standards internally, while expanding brand reputation, and interpreting the new concept of recreation externally by regarding brand upgrading as the opportunity



Comprehensive brand upgrading

Brand upgrading conference was held, during which it put forward all-round reformation of customer groups, products, marketing and service, confirmed the strategic development direction towards quality and service, and redefined the new era of Chinese indoor recreation


Digital upgrading

It comprehensively promoted digitalization strategies, and perfected the leading operation and management digital system, and officially implemented its subordinated brand, “Mi You”, injected new operating concepts to the industry, sponsored the national public benefit activity, “Meeting You at 10 O’clock”, and became the public benefit brand with nationwide industrial scale and influence of offline entertainment


National-level events

It undertook the national-level game event—“CGL Chinese Electronic Game Super League”, a symbolic game event for the transformation of recreation industry;“New Yue Street” was officially released as its fashion technology brand, and led the indoor recreation industry to explore towards technicalization


Popular incubator

“Fun Host” was released, to create indoor recreation host with operating characteristics and make innovations in the experience of offline interactive entertainment scenes.


The era of a hundred stores

As the 100th store was grandly opened, Super Player entered the era of a hundred stores officially. Besides, it released a new brand “PLAY1 Family Entertainment Center”, marking an era of recreation for all ages.


Talent strategies in 2013

Southern College, Northern College and Host Training Base were officially established, while comprehensively building the talent development system of Super Player.


Technical barriers

Wuhan Technical Training and R&D Base was established, and formed the core competiveness of technical R&D gradually.


New peak of the industry

16 large-scaled Super Player stores were newly opened nationwide, and created a new peak of the industry, in respect of the quantity of large-scaled stores within the year;


Standardization system

As the standardization management system was established in the company, the industrial standardization management process was promoted;


National layout

Super Player Management Company was officially established, and chose Beijing to set the Headquarter. 8 large-scaled stores were newly opened throughout the year. Since then, it has started its national strategic layout;


Olympics glory and strategic cooperation

Super Player became the supplier of electronic games specified by the Organizing Committee of “the 29th Olympic Games and the Paralympics”. Besides, it also completed strategic cooperation with Wanda Group in the same year, and became the anchor store of Wanda Square;


Format exploration

Super Player Harbin Xiangfang Wanda Store was opened, and additionally set with indoor roller-skating rink. This was the first trial of the new format in recreation project districts;


Brand model

It was officially settled in Beijing CBD Wanda Square, and opened up a new business model of indoor recreation industry linked with large-scale commercial complex;


A new start

The first Super Player Casino was officially opened, marking the new era of Chinese indoor recreation industry;

Enterprise Hono

  • Vice President Unit of China Culture& Entertainment Industry Association

  • The Member Unit of China Foundation for Handicapped Children

  • Digital Entertainment Supplier Exclusively Authorized by the Sixth National City Games

  • Invited Unit for Davos Forum—New Leading Enterprise (Dalian)

  • CCFA Best Popular Brand of China Chain Operation Association

  • Gold Finger Award of Annual Chinese Game Industry

【Digital Strategy】


Efficient, Standardized Operating Model

Product standardization (standardized product mix), service standardization (enjoy serving), operation standardization (standardized, efficient operation procedure), management standardization (standardized management system)

Advanced Information Management System
Intelligent SuperFun Land ( interactive experience through technology), Digital Marketing (precise images, dynamic label), Data Operations (model-driven, data decision), Intelligent AIO Machine (self-service experience with high performance)

Brand Building Strategy


Image Upgrading

New brand Image (go with the tide), new promotion video (full of happiness, interpretation of new entertainment)
Service Upgrading
Improvement of overall strength (strengthen employees’ capability to improve their working efficiency), Revision of Operational Regulations (Standardized Operation)
Customer Base Upgrading
Tap the potential of family consumption (exclusive services for core customer base), expand the business to the middle and old age groups (targeted tapping with blue ocean strategy)

Talent Strategy


 Reserve of talents ( cultivating talents from 985/211 universities), multiple training systems (business school, host training base, technical training base)

In-Depth Strategic Cooperation -- Wanda Group

Super player is the strategic partner of wanda group, the leading enterprise in the world commercial real estate industry. All stores are located in the golden position of wanda plaza, and they are the core core stores of wanda plaza.

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